Christmas Decoration

Don't Waste a Good Wine Cup

Really good christmas idea with a wine cup.  Can't wait for the holidays to add a couple of these:

A beutiful flower inside the wine cup with a candle on top.  You could do a red or green candle with pine cones inside the wine cup.
If you need wedding decorations how cute would the wine cup be with a candle and a shade.  Imagine how cute it would look at night with all the candles on.  Love it!!

Decorating for Christmas part 1


For a few weeks now I have been looking for something to put on top of my coffee table...after searching everywhere for something not to big...or to small...I decided to make something.  Currently in my family room I have a lot of gray (picture to come) and white, so I decided how about adding something red. 

Well I found a big...what I call...big martini cup and added some Christmas Pear Ornaments.  I took out the little hanging "thing" and made them look like red pears.  It was the perfect size and exactly what I was looking for.

Thanksgiving Has Arrived

Happy Thanksgiving


So many things happen in our life
that we can't control...Make today a day that
is unforgettable with friends and family.