Coupon Lingo

Guide to Coupon Lingo:

$/$$-dollars off when you buy x amount of dollars
$/x-dollars off when you buy x number of items
Blinkies-In-store Smart Source coupons (come from little machine next to product)
BOGO/B1G1-Buy one, get one free
Catalina-coupon printed from a special machine at the register after a purchase; usually handed to you with your receipt.
CNP-Coupon Near Product–usually a coupon found in the store next to the product.
Competitor’s Coupon-A store coupon from one store that is used at a competing store.
Double Coupon-Coupon that the store doubles in value.
ECBs-Extra Care Bucks (from CVS stores)
FAR-Free After Rebate
GM-General Mills (newspaper insert)
IP-Internet Printable
K-Kellogg’s (newspaper insert)
MFR or MQ-Manufacturer’s Coupon
MIR-Mail In Rebate
OOP-Out of Pocket
P&G-Proctor & Gamble (newspaper insert)
Peelie-A coupon attached to a product that you can use immediately
RP-Red Plum (newspaper insert)
RR-Register Rewards (from Walgreens stores)
SCR-Single Check Rebate (rebate system at Rite-Aid)
SS-Smart Source (newspaper insert)
Stack-to use multiple coupons for a single item.  At most stores you may use 1 store coupon and 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item.
Store Coupon or SQ-a coupon published by a specific store to be used at that store.
Tear Pad-a stack or pad of coupons or rebates located near a product in the store
UP+-Up Reward (Rite Aid Stores)
WYB-When You Buy

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