Organize Cleaning Supplies

Don't know about you but there are times I dread having to get a cleaning product from underneath the kitchen sink. Having to kneel down and looking all the way in the back for the product..while hitting my head while coming out really sucks!! Well not anymore. From now on not only will my shoes be organized but so will my cleaning supplies. Let me know what you think!


  1. Luv, luv, this post. Yay! No more digging for supplies, what a neat idea!

    Also, I am awarding you the Leibster blog award. I really like your blog, you and deserve it. Find the details at

  2. Hi stopping by from the hop look forward to reading more of your posts

  3. Hi, Sophie, I found you from cyber connect. I have a few blogs but, the one I am following you from is my I would love for you to check it out. I also have another one called I would love for you to visit me on that one to. I am going to add your button to my hotsavinmama blog. As I love organizing to. Are you ok with me adding your link to my organizing tab so, people can pop on over her. I would like to feature you in a comment to, if it's ok. I love your blog! ~Holly (Let me know if you are ok with me featuring you and your blog/link).